10 Dogs in Adorable Clothes

by Alessia

Some dogs are the types of dogs that will sit still and let you dress them up and take pictures, some are the type that run around with your belongings in their mouth and drive you nuts by moving constantly when you have a camera in front of them. The latter is my dog. The first type of dog are these dogs:

Where’s my beautiful bride?

With the hood on? Seriously?! So cute.

Who’s a pretty, pretty little princess?

Your eyes really come out when you wear that sweater.

Another reason I can’t wait for autumn – pea coats.

Splish, splash I was takin’ a bath.

Suuuuuuuper poncho!

Who needs dolls when you have a sleepy dog?

clothes9Basketball and hoodie dreams.

Cute black Pug puppy dog in a pink hoodieThis isn’t even fair.

Too bad my dog is the annoying kind that can’t sit still, because these looks are fabulous.

Alessia xx

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