10 Dogs Dressed as Hot Dogs

by Lucas

Last year I made Halloween very difficult for my humans. I was taken for a drive in the car (which I loved) to the pet store, and I had to try on a gajillion costumes that were all very itchy or had to strap to my head uncomfortably. Nothing worked out, so they gave up – luckily for them because my costume would have gone to waste anyway since we had no power or really any trick or treaters due to hurricane Sandy. This year, I can tell that my human sister is on the fence about getting me a costume. I have pretended to be much more behaved, but I will still do anything to make sure that I do not have to wear one, no matter how misbehaved I have to be! These dogs were not as lucky as me, or maybe they’re just too passive. For some reason, humans think plays on words are hilarious, so dressing up a dog in a very warm costume for a night and calling them a ‘hot dog’ brings them to hysterical tears. Poor pooches.

I can see the pain in his eyes.
This is a sorry excuse for a hot dog costume, which makes this ten times worse to look at.

This guy looks like he’s stuck in between a giant Italian sub.

Maybe if they run fast enough the costumes will slip off.

He can’t even look at the camera – it’s that bad.

Funny, real funny, humans.

At least these two got to pick whether they prefer mustard or ketchup.

hotdog1I can’t even look at this one because it makes me feel so warm. So, so warm.

hotdogYou don’t look too impressed there, bud. I wouldn’t be either.

And finally, the only thing more embarrassing than being dressed up as a hot dog is just being a dog in a hot dog bun. Rough.

Mark my words, friends. I will not be dressed up as anything this year, let alone a hot dog like these fools.



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