10 Facts About the Great Dane

by Alexandra Madani

1. The world record holder for the tallest dog is currently a 42 inch tall Great Dane (Giant George). However, Great Danes are generally not the tallest breed, the Irish Wolfhound tends to be taller but has a lighter weight.

Irish Wolfhound
2. The average life span of Great Danes is 6 to 8 years.
3. Originally bred to hunt boars, Great Danes are now bred as companion dogs.
4. The breed is thought to have originated in Germany or Denmark, probably from a cross between the English Mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound.

Great Dane Breed originated Irish Wolfhound and English Mastiff

5. A common misconception is that because Great Danes are so large, they need to eat a huge amount. Great Danes only need about 2-3 cups of dry dog food per meal.
6. Luckily Great Danes are fairly easy to train, especially house training…. Phew!
7. Great Danes do need daily walks but they don’t require much more than that. Too much exercise can damage the Danes fragile bones and joints.
8. The famous Scooby-Doo was based on a Great Dane.
9. Great Danes have 6 different coat colours; Fawn, Brindle, Blue, Black, Harlequin and Mantle:Great Dane six colours of coats
10. Great Danes large, imposing appearance contradicts its very friendly nature, earning their nick names “gentle giants” and the “king of dogs”.

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