10 Great Reasons For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

by Chelsea Dogs
10 Great Reasons For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

Maybe you’ve already thought about taking your dog on holiday with you, but have baulked at the idea before even looking into it – after all, it feels stressful for a whole host of reasons. Chances are some readers might even have chosen not to go away at all instead of getting separated from the beloved family pet.

But we’re here to allay all those fears! You might not be aware that there’s a huge choice of dog-friendly cottages in both the UK and France, and DEFRA has a great page detailing everything you need to know about taking your four-legged friend abroad with you. As for us? Well, we’re here to give you ten awesome reasons why your dog makes for a great travelling companion. Read on and get convinced!

  1. You’ll be keeping the family together

Taking the pooch with you mitigates one big factor – you’re definitely not going to miss them! Many of us feel that time away isn’t quite complete without the dog around for love and companionship, so why should the family be broken up for a holiday?

10 Great Reasons For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

  1. And they might just help settle some other family members too

If you’re travelling with smaller kids, they might feel a little bit spooked or unsettled by heading off to strange new lands (like Norfolk). Their minds will be put at least if their furry buddy is close by for a cuddle!

  1. And let’s face it – kennels are pricey

There’s no getting away from it – boarding your dog for a week or two while you head off for your jollies can be a big expense, so keeping them with you can save money that’s better spent on nice wine and fancy foreign dog biscuits.

  1. It’ll be a big adventure!

If you’ve got the kind of dog that loves getting out and about and doing their own brand of doggy exploring, they’ll love the experience of a sniffing out a whole new domain – and the fact you get to enjoy it with them is the icing on the cake.

  1. Having the dog along will slow your pace – in a good way

Whether you stay in the UK or head off to the continent, there’s a good chance you’ll be driving to where you’re staying. If you’ve got the dog with you (and remember how important a good travelling cage is!) you’ll find yourself stopping more often so the pooch can stretch their legs and get a spot of food and water. And when you do, there no better way to take advantage of your pit stop than by getting to know your new surroundings. You might find a gorgeous country pub, or try practicing your French at an enticing village boulangerie!

  1. And it brings a whole new dimension to walkies

Taking the dog to the same park twice a day is all well and good, but trust us – it’s got nothing to going fell-pelt across a sandy beach or being accompanied by your canine bestie on a majestic ramble through the Loire Valley countryside.

10 Great Reasons For Taking Your Dog On Holiday

  1. It’s a weight off your mind…

Because as much as you want to, it’s tricky to relax while you’re away if you’re thinking about the dog feeling miserable in a kennel or in the hands of a dog-sitter. Give yourself the best chance to totally relax on your break by simply having the little guy or gal along with you on the ride.

  1. …And perhaps off your family and friend’s minds too!

If you’ve avoided the kennels or a pricey dog-sitter by getting accommodating friends or relatives to look after your beloved pet while you’re away, their goodwill (and sanity) might not be quite so intact after two weeks of twice-daily phonecalls checking if they’ve got the dry-to-wet food ratio *exactly* right and asking to speak to the dog. Just saying.

  1. And avoid a sulk when you get back

If you do go away – and even nipping to the shops might do it in some cases – you might find a very sulky pooch on your return. Do you really want to be in the dog house for leaving them for so long? Thought not.

  1. And if you take the dog away, you’ll get better accommodation

Hotels don’t exactly have the reputation of being the most pet-friendly institutions in the world. Luckily, there’s loads of pet-friendly holiday homes in France and the UK to choose from where you can have the holiday of a lifetime in a relaxed, private home-from-home where your four-legged friend will be just as welcome as you are – and have just as good a time, too.

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