10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Dog

by Alessia

I love Halloween, I think it can be such a fun holiday when everyone gets into dressing up. Obviously I’m way past my trick or treating days (or am I?) so really the costumes I choose for parties have to be tasteful, and more than anything, they have to be creative. Everything has been done before! But dogs, they don’t really have this problem. You could dress your dog in a pumpkin costume every single year and the never ending chain of “awwwwwwww”s will never cease. Though it’s a strong go-to, just in case you’re looking to dress your dog as something other than a pumpkin this coming Halloween, here are some adorable ideas you could go with instead. [Source]

1. Train Conductor
halloween train
“All aboard!”

2. Super Heroes
halloween super hero
I wouldn’t want to mess with this bunch!

3. Robot (?)
halloween robot
Beep boop boop beep

4. Gift Bearers
halloween presents
Watch out, Santa!

5. Winnie the Pooh
halloween pooh bear
As per usual, Pooh Bear has had a little too much honey.

6. Happy Meal Gang
halloween mcdonalds
For those pups looking for a group costume idea for them and their friends, this is definitely the one. And probably the most delicious.

7. Pirate
halloween pirates
I’ve seen the pirate done on both humans and dogs alike, but this has got to be the cutest one. Treasure for all!

8. Lawn Gnome
halloween gnome
I honestly can’t even tell which one is the dog, it’s just¬†too good.

9. Fluffy the three-headed dog
halloween fluffy
So lifelike, yet so magical.

10. Ch-ch-ch-chia Pet
halloween chia pet
A different take on the popular decorative planter.

And just because I couldn’t not show you this one, a bonus.
halloween unicorn pug
Everybody loves a unicorn.

Halloween is right around the corner. What will your four-legged friend be wearing?


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