10 Happiest Dogs

by Theodore
Smiling Dog

I’ve been sniffing around the internet in search of some happy pals. I’ve piled together a top 10 list of some of the happiest dogs I found. Please like and share them if you find them as happy and cute as I do! Woof Woof! Theodore x

1. The Kangaroo Dog

2. The Smiling Dog

Smiling Dog

Image source: http://www.vorb.org.nz

3. Water Dog – I’m so jealous of his pool!

4. The Jumping Dog

happy dog

Image Source: i.imgur.com

5. Enjoying My Bath

Enjoying my bath

Image Source: www.aplacetolovedogs.com

6. The Travelling Dog

happy dog

Image Source: imgur.com

7. The Happy Twins

Happy twins

8. The Flower Dog

Happy Flower Dog

Source: http://weruletheinternet.com

9. Bunk’s 2nd Birthday!


10. Do The Puppy Shake

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