10 Lessons your dog can teach you

by Nancy Boland

Your dog can teach you so much, and provide some valuable life lessons.

Studies have found that a dog  encourages a children too, especially in terms of their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Children who have a dog are more likely to have higher self-esteem, and develop  better social skills.

Here are 10 Lessons your dog can teach you and your children:

Love and Loyalty 

There are few  species on earth that boast the same devotion that comes naturally to a dog. Coming home to a happy face and wagging tail every day can’t fail to increase happiness and boost self-esteem.


Dogs encourage you and your whole family to get active, not only with daily walks but running around the garden, playing fetch or any of kind of game. Both dogs and people need physical activity to stay emotionally and mentally balanced.

The Importance of Family

Dogs are naturally pack animals, and research shows that they bring out that instinct in humans, too. Families spend more time interacting after getting a pet. Use your dog as an opportunity to connect. Get the whole pack out for walks, playtime, and even grooming

Reading Ability

Your dog can take over during periods where you are too busy to help or listen to your child read. Research shows that your dog may actually do a better job than you anyway, particularly if your child is struggling. Why? Children are more relaxed with a dog because they are a   nonjudgmental audience.

life lessons 2


Patience and Compassion

This is especially important as your dog ages as they  will require special care and attention. Understanding those differences can help you and your  children learn to be patient and compassionate with those who suffer from disabilities, the elderly, and younger children.


Reading your dog’s body language can help you pick up on non-verbal communication between other people, too. This is also  beneficial for  safety around other dogs, too.


Making friends gets harder as you get older. But  dogs encourage you to put your communication skills to use. Since dogs serve as an easy icebreaker and a shared interest, it makes meeting new friends easier.


If you or your child has trouble opening up to others, they may feel initially more comfortable talking to your dog, providing a safe outlet for private thoughts and secrets. The trust he builds with his dog can help them and you eventually learn to open up to others, too.


The more involved you are in the care of your dog, the more you’ll learn about responsibility. Letting your child help out with supervision teaches them responsibility for something other than themselves and can prove to be an invaluable lesson.


Sure, dogs help teach responsibility, but more importantly, they also serve as a reminder to let loose, have some fun, and live in the moment! There are few things more fun (and mood-boosting) than having a good time with your dog.

It’s all too easy in to take things for granted but its important to take a moment to thank your dog for imparting these important life lessons and letting you live in the present.

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