10 of the cutest dog-cat friendships in photos

by Bronwyn Hall
dog-cat friendship

There is a well known rumour that dogs and cats just can’t be friends. Some even say that they should hate each other (perish the thought)! Well, feast your eyes on these 10 dog-cat friendships that don’t care for your rules and conventions!

1. Well, who wouldn’t want to snuggle under these wonderful ears?

dog-cat friendship


2. What’s not to like about having somebody to share all your fashion secrets with? Bandanas are so in right now.

dog-cat friendship


3. Canine or feline, a snuggle session is always a good thing!

dog-cat friendship


4. Or maybe just some piggy back rides!

dog-cat friendship

Pix Shark

5. These guys don’t care if you think it’s unnatural for them to be sharing a moment.

dog-cat friendship


6. This cute kitty cat loves bonding with his big brother!

dog-cat friendship

Community Table

7. Unusual sleeping arrangements are all part of the package…

dog-cat friendships


8. And blondes totally have more fun!

dog-cat friendship


9. Anyone for an afternoon nap?

dog-cat friendships

Daily Pets

10. Yes indeed, dogs and cats often go against what we think is natural. Oh, and that totally applies to big cats too…

dog-cat friendship

Viral Nova

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