10 Ways To Meet Other Dog Lovers

by Nancy Boland

Ever noticed how dog’s make you an even more sociable person than before? Dogs are a great way to meet new friends, people who love animals tend to bond easily and a shared interest in dogs means conversations flow better. But where can you meet like-minded people, other than the obvious places like your regular stomping ground for walks? Here are 10 ways to meet other dog lovers:

1. Probably the most obvious one is the park. Whether it’s a dog park or a regular park,you’re  certain to meet other dog owners when walking your dog and it’s easy to fall into conversation as your dog’s meet and greet too.

2. A café with outside seating is a great place to meet other dog owners who are taking a break for refreshments and a bite to eat.

3. Dog activity groups, such as agility or fly ball clubs —any activity based club, even obedience or training classes provides a great opportunity to bond with your dog and meet other dog owners.

5. A trip to the vet can be a surprisingly good way to socialise with other dog owners, especially if you’re kept waiting, you never know when a fleeting comment might escalate into  a full blown conversation.

6. The dog groomers — there can be benefits to having a high maintenance dog that requires regular grooming: the potential socialising aspect!

7. On a dog-friendly holiday or dog activity holiday — more places are becoming more and more dog friendly dogs and are now even geared towards providing great activities for you and your dog. These holidays make for great opportunities to make new friendships, with like minded doggy people, and you might even find you return year after year.

10 ways to meet other dog lovers

8. Pet-friendly social media sites and forums for advice and information. Online networks can be a great place to discuss dog problems or just share your love of dogs. There’s even dog specific dating websites so you can ensure you’re next relationship will have a mutual love for dogs.

9. By volunteering at a local shelter or a dog charity. All charities and shelters are incredibly welcoming and grateful for any help with everything from fundraising to dog walking and you will be sure to find friends among the other volunteers.

10. By becoming part of the (PAT) Pets for Therapy programme, where dogs visit sick and elderly people in care homes, hospitals, or hospices spreading some much needed cheer and love to those who need it.

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