11 Dogs Holding Hands (Um, Paws?) That Will Make You Say ‘Awwwwwww’

by Alessia

It’s time for a bit of cuteness to brighten your morning. I’m a sucker for hand holding. I think it’s adorable when anyone is holding hands, kids and kids, kids and adults, couples, etc. etc. I love it. Searching for dogs holding hands has opened a whole new world of cuteness for me and quite frankly, I’m bursting with the longest ‘awwwwww’ anyone has ever uttered. Like ever. I will let the pictures speak for themselves now, I promise.

1. These two posers know exactly how to take a good photo.

2. Really? Sprawled out in bed together? Really?! Can’t take it.

3. First date in the park is pretty common but these two can’t deny themselves a second date – they’re too perfect for each other.

4. These boys look like they go way back, and will continue to go grey and shaggy together.

5.Those eyes. They can get whatever they want, and they’re working at it together.

6. Seriously? Just aw. That’s it. Aw.

7. Love knows no size.

8. This duo has been together so long that they are starting to make the same faces.


10. Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony, side by sideeee. Wise words, Sir Paul.

11. And my personal favorite of the bunch – no posing, no knowledge of the picture being taken, just love.


I wish I had a picture like this of Lucas and one of his buddies, but he doesn’t sit still long enough to even take the phone out of my pocket so I’ll have to work on his attention span first. How cute are these pups though, honestly?

Alessia xx

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