122 Dogs Have Been Rescued From Freezing At An Outdoor Puppy Mill

by Chelsea Dogs

Colbert County Animal Control officers and sheriff’s department saved the lives of 122 Pomeranians and Yorkies that were freezing to death left in outdoor cages at an Alabama puppy mill.

Animal control director Judie Nichols said a good Samaritan called the office to inform them that many small dogs were being kept in cages left outside in the freezing cold weather.

122 dogs rescued from freezing

Animal control officers arrived at the puppy mill to find two dead dogs who had frozen to their cages and 122 alive dogs.

The cages that the dogs were found in were around four feet off the ground, and though the live dogs were generally in good condition, there was a big concern of the frigid temperatures they were forced to suffer in.

“They were wet some of them and they had ice on their fur. They were just very cold, huddled up, just cold,” Nichols said. “Just because they have fur doesn’t mean they’re going to stay warm. They need a place to get out of the cold.”

122 dogs rescuedYorkies rescued from the alleged puppy mill. Photo: Carter Watkins/WHNT News 19

The shelter has now exceeded its capacity of 200 dogs, and with 25 pregnant dogs, many more are on the way. Until they can adopt out these dogs, they are unable to accept any new arrivals. But they will still respond to citizens’ calls.

“If they find a stray, we would like to ask for their patience and their understanding” said Nichols.

The breeder may face animal cruelty charges, pending evaluations of the dogs. For more information please click here.

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