14 Dogs and Their Best Friends

by Alessia

‘Man’s best friend’ is how the saying goes, but it should probably be ‘kid’s best friend’. When I was growing up my dog Maxi was my best friend. Obviously I wasn’t the biggest dork on the block and I had plenty of human friends that I would ride bikes with and go to movies with, but Maxi was always at home waiting for me and always willing to let me hang out with her. I would talk to her, and I knew she understood what I was feeling, maybe not fully, but definitely my emotions. And now, even though I’m not a kid anymore, Lucas is my best friend and I feel like a little kid when we play and snuggle, because that’s who I was with my first dog. These kids are building a solid foundation with their doggies, and will hopefully continue to have a furry best friend throughout their lives the way that I plan to.

This pooch has got his little friend nice and close for snuggles and protection.

Even though he can’t read, he knows that his little friend loves him.

There’s nothing like a kiss from your BFF, especially when you need it most.

Nap time is the best time and dogs are the best pillows.

Cheesin’ is easy when you’re as cute as these two.

Best friends who play together stay together.

Bodyguards, BFFs, same thing.

Best friends have matching hair cuts and color.

Sometimes you just need to smush your cheeks against your best friend’s face.

It’s a good life when your best friend is big enough to be your bed.

Play dates with your friends would be nothing without a little dress up and a tea party.

So much for staying up all night…sometimes our best friends are sleepy, but if the television is good, we forgive them.

The only kind of war with your best friend is the card game.

Best friends hang out even though there’s nothing to do but sit around.

How furry is your best friend?

Alessia xx

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