15 Dogs Who Partied Too Hard

by Lucas

I don’t leave the house much. I go on walks, sometimes my humans take me with them to the pet store to buy my food (and I normally get a new toy if I pretend to behave myself), and I have play dates with my friends. The pooches in these pictures that I found while browsing babble get out of their house a lot. They’re living life on the edge and partying like its 2014. These pictures are the hilarious results of partying a little bit too hard.

I’m impressed this guy made it to the couch.

This guy basically made it to the couch.

This pup is definitely up to some risky business.

Rock out with your tongue out.


partydog11I’m not even positive I could maneuver myself into this position.

We all have rough nights, bud.

partydog9This is why you are never supposed to fall asleep at a party.

What a wild night.

partydog7This retriever knows that something is going to go down tonight.

partydog6Is this dude going to a costume party, or is he serious.

This is how dogs deal with their lack of opposable thumbs.

I’ll take a bowl of water and a peanut butter bone, please.

We have all been there, bro.

partydog2I guess he lost his keys?


Maybe it’s okay that I don’t get out of the house that much. Stay out of trouble, pups.


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