15 Mini Horses That Will Melt Your Heart

by Chelsea Dogs

These 15 mini horses have gone viral on the internet and it’s not hard to see why. They are possibly the cutest things we’ve seen for a while and they will definitely brighten up your Monday lunchtime.

Sit back, relax and prepare for a cuteness overload!

1. Mini Horse Mimi

Baby Horse Mimi

2. Giant Dog… or Tiny Horse?

Tiny Horse or Giant Dog

3. Mini Horse with a Teddy Bear

Baby Horse with a teddy bear

4. Tiny Horse With A Baby

Tiny Horse With a baby

5. A Baby Appaloosa Horse

A Baby, Appaloosa, Mini Horse

6. Newborn horse with cute girl

Newborne horse with cute girl

7. Mini Horse Galloping

Mini Horse Galloping

8. A Veterinarian Rescued This Mini Horse

A Veterinarian Rescued This Horse

9. Mini Horse lying with a cat

Tiny Horse laying with a cat

10. Look how tiny this Horse is!

Look how tiny this Mini Horse is!

11. Residents of a Mini Horse Farm

Residents of a Horse Farm

12. Just a Baby Horse Hugging A Girl

Just a Mini Horse

13. A Miniature Horse Asleep On A Girls Lap

A Miniature Horse Asleep On A Lap

14. A Miniature Horse Having A Conversation With A Bird

A Miniature Horse Having A Conversation With A Bird

15. A Dwarf Horse

A Dwarf Horse

Source: www.femaleintel.com

What do you think? Which tiny horse is your favourite?

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