16 Photos of Babies and Dogs That Will Make Your Heart Melt

by Alessia

There is literally nothing I love more than an adorable baby, or an adorable puppy, and nothing gives me more joy than scrolling through images of either one. Whether it be a mini person with soft, baby smooth skin and little tufts of hair or an all around fur ball, I can’t get enough. Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered the best of both worlds, and I am nice enough to want to share it (lucky you!) I have collected sixteen pictures that I either giggled at, “awwwwww”ed at, or even shed a little tear at out of sheer cuteness overload. If you scroll through these images and aren’t bothered, you’re not human. And if you can confirm you are human via captcha image, then I just don’t know who you think you are. Enjoy (or else).

Alessia x

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