4 Pranks To Play On Your Dog

by Alessia

Lucas definitely gets on my nerves sometimes. He has a shoe fetish and runs around the house with stolen ones, is obsessed with ripping up paper (specifically napkins, mail, and paper towels), and thinks that all of the pillows on my bed are there for him to chew. He’s has his moments when he just wants to play and be mischievous. After seeing this video, I think maybe it’s time to give him some of his own medicine. This video shows four different pranks that were played to dogs in a park and even though they’re a little bit mean, they’re pretty funny. Try these at home for the laughs, but make sure to give your dog a treat and a hug afterwards. If you try any of these, tape them and put the video in the comments below, even if it’s a different gag than in the video!

Alessia xx

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