5 Dog Friendly Hotels Cornwall

by Reena Bakir
dog friendly hotels cornwall

Located in the south west of the United Kingdom, Cornwall’s magical Celtic history along with its breathtaking island location has made it a hotspot for vacation goers all over the UK. If you are looking to indulge yourself in not only beautiful beach views but also take a trip into Britain’s deep history, then Cornwall is the location for you! With many dog-friendly hotels scattered around the peninsula, you can take your canine friend along with you on this magical journey!

Here’s a list of some of the most luxurious dog friendly hotels Cornwall that are guaranteed to give you a fabulous stay.

1. Mullion Cove Hotel

dog friendly hotels conrwall

With its breathtaking sea-view on the South Cornwall coast, this hotel’s location perched on the cliffs overlooking sparkling blue waters makes it a lovely holiday destination! The traditional Mullion Cove prides itself on being regarded as one of the best dog friendly hotels in Cornwall, and for good reason! The hotel doesn’t only accept four-legged friends, but also welcomes them as guests with their selection of dog friendly rooms, a welcome package and their very own Doggy Lounge to bask in luxury. The hotel allows two dogs per room and with no extra charge!

2. Scarlet Hotel

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Dedicated to luxury and style, the Scarlet Hotel is where guests can succumb to indulgence, whether its in appreciating the beautiful airy spaces connecting their guests to the alluring outdoors, or unwinding in the many relaxing facilities available around the hotel, you can guarantee a stay of relaxation and comfort. Determined to create a welcoming environment for guests, the hotel allows guests to bring their canine friends along for only £15 a night, and offers treats, dog friendly rooms as well as dog friendly spaces all around the hotel to make sure your pet delights in the comfort! The hotel provides eating and drinking bowls, a blanket as well as waste bags to ensure that you have all you need to take care of your pooch.

3. Watergate Bay Hotel

dog friendly hotels cornwall

This beach-house style hotel is set on a picturesque surfing beach in North Cornwall coast. The Watergate Bay Hotel is where guests go to find balance by finding themselves within the beautiful surrounding nature, especially with the beach sitting right outside the hotel’s doorstep! Dogs are welcome all year round at this hotel, and are allowed to stay on the first and second floors of the hotel. Your canine friends can enjoy the Beach Hut, The Living Space as well as the many dog-friendly beaches along the coast. The hotel allows a maximum of two dogs a room, and charge £15 per night for a dog, with an extra £5 for another dog.

4. Bedruthan

dog friendly hotels cornwall

The Bedruthan hotel combines contemporary Scandinavian design with traditional Cornish atmosphere, and offers a spectacular serene view of the sea, sky and sand located right outside the hotel windows. Dedicated to creating a relaxing atmosphere mixed with a beautiful artistic touch, the hotel’s architecture and designs are created to reflect a beautiful combination of the traditional and the contemporary. Five of the hotels bedrooms allow dogs to stay, with many of the hotel’s communal areas being dog friendly to allow your dog to take a break and bask in the serenity of this beautiful holiday destination. Dogs are provided with welcome packages which include blankets, towels, food and drink bowls as well as a feeding mat, so your dog will definitely feel at home at the Bedruthan! Dogs are only charged £12 a night, with a maximum of two dogs allowed per room.

5. Talland Bay Hotel

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With the unique character tangible in the hotel’s rooms, architecture and overall design, the Talland Bay hotel is an unforgettable destination for anyone looking for a unique holiday stay. With its prime location, the hotel sits between beautiful clifftops, fantastic beaches and sitting minutes away from the towns of Looe and Fowey, the hotel is a must-visit for any tourist looking to indulge in Cornwall’s beautiful nature and culture, as well as a fantastic place for dogs to explore! Offering dog friendly accommodation, with all their rooms and cottages available to canine visitors with no extra charge. The hotel also offers pet-friendly dining in their brasserie style restaurant, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal alongside your pup!

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