The 5 guilty secrets of dog owners

by Bronwyn Hall

The thing about living side-by-side with mans best friend is that you experience some serious unconditional love. There is no judgement or condemnation from them and this is a majestic thing. However, as a direct result of this love, we can sometimes find ourselves indulging in some guilty secrets and here – for your eyes only – are 5 of mine.

Staying in pyjamas all day long is definitely something that I did before Dexter came into our lives. It is something that I am so good at that if there were a pyjama day Olympics I am pretty certain I’d get gold. Is this something that I would do around people? No. Just like I don’t watch Jeremy Kyle re-runs in front of people. With Dexter, though, I can

Spending all of my money on unnecessary  dog related things like Halloween outfits and a million jumpers and dog multi vitamins and a subscription to dog magazines and going to dog yoga and dog advent calendars and a memory foam dog bed…

halloween 3

Talking to Dexter about the problems in my life and knowing that although he can’t answer he cares. There are some things that you can tell your dog that you would never share with anyone else. Is this because he loves you unconditionally or is this because he can’t tell anyone? Either is a good reason in my book!

Knowing that the dog won’t judge me for getting drunk. On white wine. On my sofa. On a Wednesday.


Credit: commdog

Sometimes I skip puppy training classes and I know Dexter doesn’t mind (probably). After a long day at work sometimes I just can’t face traipsing to the community centre to sit in that badly lit hall and become disillusioned with well trained dogs. Sometimes I just want to bunk off for the night; I mean if anyone asks I’ll tell them I went and Dexter won’t say any different. He’s a star.

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