5 reasons to dress your dog this winter

by Bronwyn Hall
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My friends take great joy out of mocking the collection of outfits that I have amassed for my Chihuahua, Dexter. And whilst I may admit that the dinosaur onesie and the little devil horns with a ‘Trick or Treat?’ cape probably aren’t essential, I have learned that a green and orange turtle neck is greatly appreciated by my chilly little Chi.

You see, while many people scoff at the idea of dressing a dog, few are aware that many toy breeds benefit from an extra layer in the colder months. For many – like the Chihuahua – they were simply not bred for this climate. And if – like me – you have a penchant for having the heating on at every available opportunity, this can further cause your dog to feel the chill when they head outside.

In the spirit of this and with the forecasters predicting that temperatures are set to plummet, here are my 5 reasons why you should dress your dogs this winter.

1. Because your dog is cold. This seems very basic but hey, if you notice your little canine buddy shivering, then put a jumper on him. As mentioned, this can be very common in toy breeds and breeds not meant for our cold, British weather.

2. The extra layer will take the brunt of any fox poo that your delightful doggy decides they absolutely must roll in. This is great because unlike dog clothes you can’t throw your dog in the washing machine when he bounds up to you covered in things that don’t bare mentioning.

3. You can ask Granny to knit you things for your pooch for free. My Gran loves to knit and whilst I might not always want to wear another themed jumper (see: Bridget Jones), this way Granny can be kept busy and your dog kept warm.

4. Emblazoned dog clothes can be a great way to let other people know important info about your fur baby. You can buy a plain jumper and have it printed with ‘NERVOUS’, ‘DEAF’, ‘TRAINING’ etc. Not only is your dog going to be kept warm but people that you come across during your walk will instantly know how to react to your canine companion.

5. Because Christmas is coming and nothing will stop me getting myself, Dexter and my husband matching Christmas jumpers (the latter two don’t have a choice). It’s the most wonderful time of the year and provides the best excuse to stock up on snowflake embroidered jumpers for your four legged friend.

So there we have it folks. If you’ve ever needed a reason to put your Retriever in a raincoat, your Jack Russel in a jumper or your Spaniel in a scarf you now have 5.


Dexter no longer shivers thanks to this trusty, knitted number.

Dexter no longer shivers thanks to this trusty, knitted number.

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