5 things that happen when you get a second dog

by Bronwyn Hall

When you welcome a beautiful bundle of fur into your home (and hearts!) for the second time, it triggers a few events.

  1. Your first dog freaks out. This is either a good thing or a bad thing… Your dog may freak out in a ‘OH-MY-GOSH A FRIEND FOR ME TO PLAY WITH! GAHHH! THANK YOU SO MUCH WONDERFUL HUMAN!’ Or your dog may adopt the opposite attitude of ‘Well. I had thought that you were totally useless and I was, in fact, correct. I will be in the bed until further notice; that’s your bed by the way.’
  2. You forgot what it was like to have a puppy and are perplexed at cleaning poo out of the rug again. If your first dog had the bad freaking out phase, he is probably watching you and inwardly laughing… You also forgot that dog #2 was going to chew everything and are now down one flipflop, 2 newspapers and a plant.
  3. ‘Walkies’ is no longer a fun, leisurely activity shared with you and your canine companion. Rather, it is now a military operation which consists of herding the two dogs towards the front door and ensuring that they each have the right collar/harness/lead combo. Then you have to check and double check that you have enough poop bags in your poop bag dispenser (Oh, and the plain black ones still weren’t in stock; so you have spotty pink). As you’re already in your coat, you’ll be sweating an unholy amount and rage will slowly consume you… Oh, and what fun! You’ve misplaced your keys.
  4. Talking of military operations, ‘din dins’ has also become much more intense. You think back to the days where you could put Rover’s bowl down and drag yourself back to the couch as he merrily chomped down on some deliciously organic new dog food. Ah, but now you have two bowls. Not only that but they are filled with different kibble – a puppy friendly deliciously organic one and the usual adult equally (you guess) deliciously organic one. You now monitor mealtimes with what you imagine to be FBI level diligence. Ensuring that each stick to their own food, nobody gets annoyed at the other and that the food is finished or put up high away from the other one…
  5. The sofa becomes a lot more crowded. Before dog #2, everybody had their preferred space and comfort was found in abundance. Now, though, sofa time is like a drool-laden game of Tetris where you play ‘Who did the fart?’ most nights. Dog #1 usually cottons on quite quickly and can be found in the armchair opposite, glaring at you…

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