Abandoned dog who had to have leg amputated raises £18k for charity

by Bronwyn Hall

An abandoned dog who was found in Rotherham on Christmas Eve 2012 has raise £18,000 for the charity that helped him.


When Ralf was found it was obvious that he had been badly beaten; he had been dumped in the street and was found wailing in agony. Once Ralf was picked up and seen by a vet there were only two options – that the puppy be put to sleep or that he undergoes an operation to have his leg amputated. Although the veterinarian staff weren’t 100% sure that Ralf would adapt to life with just three legs, they decided to give him the chance.


Animal charity Rain Rescue fronted the money to pay for Ralf to undergo the gruelling operation and he was placed with dog fosterer, Sue Utley. Utley told the Daily Mail, ‘It took him ages to realise his old leg had been removed and he was constantly falling over. Eventually this caused a haematoma in his stump.’ This meant that Ralf had to undergo another surgery – this time to remove his shoulder.


After nursing him through this second operation, Utley was smitten, she said ‘Fostering was supposed to be short term but as people offered to adopt him I just couldn’t bear to let him go. He was such a character, always hiding things and getting up to mischief.’ Soon, she started up a Facebook page under Ralf’s name and uploaded photos of his latest adventures. ‘He was boasting nearly 2000 friends and I decided to put his popularity to use and get him his own JustGiving page, meaning that people could leave donations for Rain Rescue.’

Since then, Ralf and Sue have raised an incredible £18,000 to support the charity!

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