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by Reena Bakir
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Specialised in all things pets, from beds to coats to toys and more, Danish Design Pet Products has been a supplier of high calibre pet products throughout the UK for over 25 years, based in the heart of West Yorkshire. Dedicated to quality, comfort and usability, Danish Design considers how every one of their products works for their consumers, whether they are at home or on their travels. Therefore, every final detail on their creations is guaranteed to be of superb excellence.

About Danish Design

Every Danish Design product is designed by Susanne Mortensen, who is a Danish designer and artist keen on providing only the best exquisite designs for comfort, style and functionality. Created for both dogs and cats, Danish Design products are not only universal but also versatile in their functionality and cater to both pets and their owners.

Specializing in beds for cats and dogs, as well as coats, toys and accessories, Danish Design offer ‘a lifestyle range of bedding and products designed to perform.’

Dog and Cat Beds

Working only with the best fabric, Danish Design creates beds for both cats and dogs in ultimate luxury to pamper your pets. Offering a variety of categories for different styles, Danish Design creates for dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. If you are looking for a comfortable space for your pet, look no further than these luxurious beds made from fabulous designs and fabrics!

Arctic Grey Snuggle Dog Bed

Danish Design Arctic Snuggle Grey Dog Bed

The Arctic range comes in a series of different-styled beds, offering the perfect places for a pet to rest their head. The beds come in Box Duvets, Snuggle Beds and Cat Cosy styles, allowing for high flexibility in options! This design comes in muted grey tones, made from faux suede and fur fabrics for ultimate comfort and warmth!

Woodland Range Owl Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed

Owl slumber dog bed by danish designs

With its iconic and quirky prints, this cosy slumber bed is guaranteed to cuddle your pet to sleep! The print features owl pairs in dark navy placed on a soft willow background.

Dog Coats

Whether its a style statement or an extra layer to keep your pooch warm during cold walks, Danish Design dog coats guarantee both warm and luxury!

The Ultimate 2 in 1 Waterproof Dog Coat in Blue

2 in 1 waterproof dog coat blue by danish design

It’s always tempting to walk your dog in style, and what better way to make a statement than with this waterproof dog coat in blue! The coat features complete adaptability to the weather with the removable fleece lining within the coat, which offers warmth and softness during the colder month but can be removed when the weather clears up! The waterproof and breathable fabric will also keep your dog feeling cool when the sun’s out!


These luxury plush toys are designed to make every dog’s playtime all the more fun and exciting while remaining durable throughout! Danish Design produce a range of toys for dogs coming in different sizes and designs to suit any playful pooch.

Dawson the Tug Duck Dog Toy danish design dog toys

Dawson the Tug Duck is among the many luxury plush dog toys designed by Danish Design, featuring a toy with a rope handle and neck for your dog to bite and tug on! This toy is most suitable for medium to large breed dogs, who love a game of tug-of-war.

Looking for more?

Want to find out more about Danish Design and the products they create? Pay a visit to their website here for a look at all of their products, or check out their brand page on Chelsea Dogs to find out which Danish Design products are available in our store!

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