Abused Dog Is Found Tied To A Rock and Left to Drown

by Alessia

In this short video is the new story of this adorable, but abused dog that was left tied to a rock next to a body of water and left to drown. The dog’s leash was pinned under the rock in a way that could not have been by accident, and even if it could have been accidental, this was obviously the case of a previously abused dog. There was a huge tumor found on the dog’s right hind leg that looked like it had not received any type of medical attention and had gone completely untreated. One of the things said in the broadcast is that if the owner of this dog had never been convicted of any abuse charges in the past, the fine would only be a few hundred dollars. Though I would never wish for this person to have been convicted of any abusive charges in the past because that would mean that either this dog or another animal would have suffered previously, the charges for this abused dog being left to die would be jail time, rather than a small fine. Hopefully the owner of this dog was found, or will be found, so that something like this can be prevented from happening again. This dog is lucky to have been rescued and is hopefully living with a loving family now.

Alessia xx

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