How to Administer Medicine To Your Dog

by Nancy Boland

It is a well-known fact that dogs can be exceptionally crafty when it comes to taking medicine. Medication is a necessary evil, and you will have to figure out some way to make it work whether you put it in their dinner, treats, or water. Here are some solutions on how to administer medicine to your dog.

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Use Food

Food is your friend when it comes to coaxing dogs into taking their medication. You can put a pill or even liquid medication in the dog’s food or water. As long as the veterinarian says that it is okay to eat with the medication, then by all means use it as a tool. Dogs love their food, so you can crush the pill and put it in their dog food, snacks, or even use peanut butter or cream cheese. Some dogs will eat the food, but get wise to the hidden pill, so you may need to adopt some sneaky techniques to hide them better, like wrapping the pill in a slice of ham or turkey so that it is completely concealed.

Use a Pill Dropper

A pill dropper is a small device that looks similar to a syringe, the only difference being that it drops a pill into the dog’s mouth. They can be very effective for pills and capsules that cannot be placed into the dog’s food. Be careful about how you use the pill dropper because it can cause the dog to gag if you are not careful. Tilt the dog’s head back and gently guide the dropper into the mouth, drop the pill, and then massage the neck to help the pill go down.

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Use Your Hands

You can use your hands instead of a pill dropper. All you have to do is have the dog sit upright, tilt the head back, open the mouth, and then drop the pill. Massage the throat and neck area to help the dog swallow the pill. Once again, be very careful as you do this to prevent choking, but generally if the pill is small you will be ok so long as the technique is followed correctly.

Always follow your vet’s instructions regarding how and when the medication is to be administered. Check that your dog has actually ingested the medication to ensure that his treatments will be effective. If your dog must take oral medication, then use food, a pill dropper, or drop the pill into their mouth if you can. Ensure that the dog is safe at all times and consult with your vet if you don’t feel confident administering pills, they can demonstrate and help you practice in the safety of the surgery.

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