Adorable Birthday Gifts for Dogs

by Reena Bakir

Every member of the family deserves to feel loved and to be pampered with gifts on their special day, and that includes your canine companion as well! Make your pet feel extra special this year with these adorable birthday gifts for dogs!

Compiled from several websites and stores, this list features some of the most adorable (and convenient)  birthday gifts for dogs to show them just how much you love them! Here at Chelsea Dogs, we also offer a wide range of different and unique gifts for dogs in our stores, so be sure to check them out!

Engraved Breed ID Tags

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Gift your dog a personalised gift created especially for them with this customizable breed ID tag, to spice up any dog’s collar! The ID tag can be customized to any dog (or cat!) breed, with your dog’s name and your address/number on the back. Each tag is enamelled and engraved by hand, with the keen attention to detail making it all the more special! The tag is made to work for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and can be bought from here!

Little Dove Pet Teepee

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The Little Dove Teepee acts as an adorable bed and sitting area for your pooch, as well as a stylish piece of decoration for your house, and even as your dog’s own portable house! Not only would the tent fit perfectly in any house setting, but it can also be put outdoors in gardens or on picnics with the family! The tent folds easily and is simple to set up, allowing you to take it with you anywhere, and can come either with or without a cushion. Take your dog camping on their special weekend and let them enjoy their own personal tent! Buy the teepee here.

The BarkBox

birthday gifts dogsSurprise your dog with the unique and special BarkBox, a monthly subscription box of goodies which delivers dog toys, treats and more right to your doorstep! Each month is themed differently, opening a whole new world of adorable goodies for your dog! The boxes are also catered to the size of your dog, making them all the more unique and special. Whether you decide to subscribe for a yearly or six-month basis, or would prefer to only subscribe for a month and see how you and your dog like it, this box of goodies would be the perfect surprise for your dog with new presents every month! Find out more about the BarkBox and subscribe here!

The Doggie Fountain

dog gift ideasThis exceptional gift offers endless hours of entertainment while also keeping your dog hydrated! This paw-activated outdoor fountain is designed to be easy to use for pups of all shapes and sizes, and provides your dog with clean fresh water as well as a lot of fun on warm spring or summer days! Check out the website here to find out more and order your own outdoor dog fountain!

Dog Bow Ties

birthday gifts dogsPamper your pooch with these adorable bow ties on their special day! These accessories act as perfect gifts for dogs, with their soft Inca blanket fabric which comes in a range of colours and designs, from traditional and stylish bowties to fun and quirky ones, you’ll definitely find the one to suit your pup! Check out our collection here at Chelsea Dogs, and make your dog feel like the fanciest pooch in the house on their birthday!

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