Adorable Christmas Baubles For Pets

by Reena Bakir
christmas baubles for pets

A Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without it’s festive decorations and beautiful ornaments put by the whole family, and that includes your pet! Give your pet a special place on the family tree with these adorable Christmas baubles for pets, unique and personalized entirely for your pet!

At Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide collection of festive baubles catered especially to your dogs and cats which will definitely make the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations! Read on to find out more about our top picks!

Personalised Filled Dog Treat Christmas Baubles

christmas baubles for pets

This lovely and unique Christmas bauble isn’t just an adorable ornament for your tree, but can also comes with delicious treats for your dog! The bauble is filled with tasty gravy bones and marrowbone rolls for your dog to enjoy, and can be easily pulled apart to refill year after year! With the ability to customize this bauble, this gift can become entirely unique to your pet by having their name printed in a beautiful white hand-written font with a paw print design.

Personalised The Snowdog Bauble

christmas baubles for petsFeaturing an adorable cartoon drawing of a festive pooch,  this Snowdog bauble is the perfect accessory for your Christmas tree! The bauble can be personalized with any name on the front, and can hold a message of 4 lines of text on the back! A thoughtful present to gift any dog lover you know, this Snowdog bauble comes ready with a ribbon to hang anywhere at home.

Personalised Acrylic Dog Bone Decoration

christmas baubles for pets

Perfect for celebrating the bond with your pet or commemorating a passed companion, this dog bone decoration can be entirely personalized with a heartfelt message for your pet along with adorable paw prints to complete the design. This decoration is multi-functional, and can be used for any occasion from birthdays, festive holidays or simply a display of love and appreciation for your dog!

Personalised Christmas Baubles Candy Canes

christmas baubles for pets

Give your dog their special place on the Christmas tree with these adorable baubles, coming in a variety of designs and prints! This festive design features an adorable Candy Cane print, along with your dog’s name to make it all the more special. Other available designs include Holly, Purple Paws, Whimsical Flowers and more! Choose from the variety of prints and find the perfect bauble for this year’s Christmas decorations.

Personalised Dog Bauble

This sweet China Bauble is the ideal little Christmas gift for your loving companions. The front of this bauble features an adorable sitting dog design, and the back can be personalised with the name and a message for your pet! Whether you want to gift this to fellow dog lovers, or buy for your own home, this Christmas pet bauble will look perfect in any home!

There’s More!

There’s a bigger range of beautiful Christmas baubles for pets coming in a variety different festive designs and prints to help you celebrate your pet’s presence within the family this year, so make sure you don’t miss out on the perfect bauble!

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