5 Adorable Dog Toy Boxes To Make Your Dog’s Day

by Reena Bakir
dog toy boxes

Dog toy boxes are the perfect solution for owners who simply love to spoil their canine friends! For most dog owners, we can’t help but pamper our dogs with the best toys to keep them satisfied and happy. Yet, we may fall into the habit of buying too many toys for our pets and suddenly find that we have no place to store them.

Instead of leaving your dog’s toys lying around and creating a mess of your living spaces, consider investing in any of our adorable dog toy boxes, which not only act as a perfect place for storage but are also stylish enough to fit anywhere in your house!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of dog toy boxes that come in different styles and designs, with some even personalised and customised created especially for your pup! Here’s a list of some of our favourite dog toy boxes, with more available in our shop here.

Bowl and Bone Pink Cotton Dog Toy Storage Basket

pink dog toy storage basket

This adorable pink cotton basket from Bowl and Bone is the perfect place to store your pampered girl’s favourite toys! This basket will help you organise your pooch’s toys in a stylish and cute cotton basket, made to be flexible and easy to carry and handle! The soft interior of the basket will keep your dog’s toys safe and allows for more storage space! The basket can be washed by hand or by a washing machine, and also comes in many other colours, all available in our store!

Bowl and Bone Mint Cotton Dog Toy Storage Basket

mint green dog toy storage basket

This charming mint cotton storage basket offers a fresh burst of mint cream colour, adding a fun twist to any living space, acting as a perfect piece of furniture to store your dog’s toys in!

Kubu Rattan Dog Bone Lidded Storage Basket By House of Paws

bone shape rattan dog toy storage box

This handy and stylish grey dog toy box is both convenient and modern, coming with a lid that allows you to close and hide away the toys so your canine friend can’t put his nose in and find them when playtime is over! The storage basket also comes in two sizes, small and large, to suit your storing needs! With its stylish exterior, this basket would fit anywhere in your house!

Personalised Painted Bone Design Dog Toy Storage Box

personalised wooden dog toy box
This beautiful handmade box is made from soft pine wood and personalised to be special and unique to your dog! Your pooch will love storing his toys here in his own personalised box with his name painted right onto its surface with clear matt varnish which is ensured to stay nice and fresh looking.

Personalised Plaque Dog Toy Box

personalised dog toy wooden storage box

This lovely wooden dog toy box comes with a personalised plaque just for your dog! Not only does this plaque hold your dog’s name, but it also has your dog’s picture to make it all the more special. With its smooth wooden surfaces, these boxes are easy to keep clean simply by wiping them, and act as a convenient gift to any dog owner!

There’s More

We have plenty more dog toy boxes in our shop here, coming in a range of designs and styles from cotton bags to wooden boxes! Take a look and buy your dog their own special storage space for all their favourite toys and accessories!

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