Adorable Personalised Dog Gifts

by Reena Bakir
personalised dog gifts

Personalised dog gifts are guaranteed to brighten up any dog’s special day! While our dogs appreciate and love any gift we give them, from exciting toys to comfortable furniture, personalising a product especially with your dog’s name just goes to show them how special and unique they truly are to you!

If you’re stuck on what to get your dog, here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide range of adorable personalised dog gifts that’ll impress any pampered canine! Here’s a list of some of our best personalised dog gifts that you can give to your pet to show them just how much you love them!

Personalised Paw Print Black Pet Bath Towel

personalised dog gifts

Pamper your pooch after a nice warm shower with this personalised bath towel! The soft and luxurious big dog towel can be customized to your needs by embroidering your dog’s name of up to 12 characters. Coming in a lovely dark black with a white paw print embroidered design, this towel will suit any cool dog who just loves bathtime and knowing just how special they are!

Personalised Hand Painted Angled Ceramic Dog Portrait Bowl 

personalised dog gift bowls

Make your dog’s dinner time all the more special with this unique gift! This stunning handmade ceramic dog bowl is uniquely made for each order! Each bowl is hand painted with the breed of your dog and features their name as well.  Let your dog dine with style and indulgence with this very special gift catered only for them!

Personalised Squeaky Bone Dog Toys

personalised dog toys

Every dog owner knows just how much dogs love chewing on squeaky toys! Get your pet a luxury squeaky bone toy they can play with and share with their friends! This Mutts & Hounds luxury dog toy makes for the perfect personalized gift for any dog, as this brand new toy comes with your dog’s name embroidered right across, making sure your dog loves their new favourite toy forever!

Personalised Luxury Dog Blanket

personalised pet blankets gift

This adorable luxury dog blanket is destined to keep your dog warm, cosy and happy! Make this blanket your pup’s favourite gift to play with, sleep in or just take with them anywhere they go by personalising this super comfortable and luxurious product! Place the blanket in their beds or take it with you on vacations and travel trips to ensure that your dog has a little special piece of home always with them!

Personalised Bone Dog Cake

personalised dog birthday cakes

Finish up your pup’s special day with this very special personalised dog cake created especially for them! Invite their dog friends over for a party and huddle around this delicious treat! The cakes are hand baked to freshness and perfection, and are personalised with your own message and bowtie to make sure your dog gets the best treat! You can choose from delicious doggy-safe chocolate or lip-smacking peanut butter flavours! Your dog will definitely be drooling at the sight of this beautiful customizable cake made especially for them!

There’s More

If you’re still looking for more special gifts to buy for your loved canine friend, visit our store here and take a look at all of our personalised products and gifts for all dogs to love!


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