All About Training Dog Leads

by Reena Bakir
training dog leads

Training dog leads are the perfect product for all dog owners, whether you’re looking to teach obedience to a new and learning pup or taming an overly enthusiastic canine! Training dog leads are the ideal way to make walks and training sessions with your pets more comfortable, easier and provide you with the necessary control over your dog.

At Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide range of training dog leads suited to your needs! Read on to find out more about these products, and discover our top picks.

What Are Training Leads?

Image result for Red Rope Training Dog Lead by Hem And Boo

As the name gives away, these leads are specifically manufactured to assist in the training of your canine. Training leads are used for both puppies and older, larger dogs in obedience training, allowing you a tool to gain control over your pet during walks. This type of dog lead gives owners the option for multiple configurations, allowing them to manipulate the length of the lead depending on the environment and the nature of your pet. The versatility of the training lead is what gives this product much of its prowess, as it is known to have been used historically by police and army dog handlers during training.

Some of the purposes of training leads are:

  • Recalling dogs when distracted
  • Giving reactive dogs the impression of being more free when on a longer lead
  • Keeping distracted dogs focused, especially in public areas
  • To keep your dog from bolting after other animals / humans

Training Lead Safety

Before using a training lead on your canine, the pivotal safety rule is to use harnesses with long leads. When using long-line training leads, harnesses should be the only option to use with your pet. When using a collar, tugging on your pet’s neck with a long-line lead can cause serious damage to their neck and spine. It is also suggested to clip the lead onto the further point of attachment on the back, rather than the chest.

Training Dog Leads

Black Rope Training Dog Lead by Hem and Boo

Training Dog Lead by Hem And BooIdeal for puppies, this black rope training dog lead by Hem and Boo comes with multiple configurations (short, medium and long) allowing you to have full control over your canine. The lengths of the lead allow you to easily pull your dog away during training and recall their attention on walks. The lead also features full grain leather tabs and is highly durable.

Grey Comfort Multi Function Dog Training Lead

Multi Function training dog LeadComing complete with five different configurations, this ultimate training dog lead was made with the active pet in mind, and is great for both training and walking! The lead allows you to choose how you want to walk your dog, ranging from close and controlled to keeping looser reigns. It was created to the highest safety standards and combines both quality and comfort, made from high strength woven polyster rope and including lightweight locking karabiner clips which attach easily and can be locked shut.

Dogs & Horses Multi-Purpose Luxury Leather Dog Training Lead Tan

Image result for Dogs & Horses Multi-Purpose Luxury Leather Dog Training Lead TanThis luxurious tan leather training dog lead is perfect for dogs walking around town! With its multi-purpose versatility, this lead can be attached to you while you’re walking your dog! Whether you’re a runner who likes their dogs to tag along for the marathons, or busy pushing a pram, this lead will definitely make your walks easier by allowing you to control your dogs hands-free! The different lengths allow for your dog to run as free as they want or as close as you desire. It is made from pre-stretched polyester cord around which a soft leather is wrapped, glued and stitched. It is made for durability and tensile strength, allowing you full control over your dog.

There’s More!

There’s a wide range of luxury training dog leads available at our store, so make sure you check them out and buy the perfect one for both you and your pet!

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