Amazing True Story Of A Dog Saved From Being Put To Sleep

by Chelsea Dogs

This video is an amazing true story of a dog saved from being put to sleep in South Africa. Thought to be an aggressive dog, the SPCA in South Africa decided that everyone would be better off if they just put this dog to sleep. That was all except this amazing woman called Samantha Browne who was willing to try and save the dogs life. The SPCA agreed but she didn’t have a long time to prove the dog was a good dog and not aggressive.

See how she saved this dogs life in the video above. This is a true story and it just goes to show how we can all save a dogs life simply by fostering one. There are thousands of dogs that have been abandoned or given up here in the UK that are looking for loving homes. If no-one fosters them, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what will happen to them. Please foster a dog from your local dog shelter.

This video will pull at you heart strings… you’ve been warned!

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