Animals Stuck in Odd Places But Don’t Seem To Mind

by Alessia

I stumbled upon this post, which is a recap of a very interesting facebook page entitled, “Animals Stuck in Odd Places But Don’t Seem to Mind“. This self explanatory and hilariously funny page has got almost two hundred thousand likes in just over two months of being around, with pictures being posted every day. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling the funniest dog photos from the page for your liking and entertainment.

This looks painful.

This is probably emotionally painful for a number of cat vs. dog reasons.

Nap time gone wrong.

Though he may be stuck, his form is flawless.

This could be a dog stuck, or sunbathing. It’s hard to tell.

Well, you’re adorable. Maybe you planned for that?

The first of two greedy stuck dogs…

…and the second.

And on the other end of the spectrum, a dog offering himself to those who are hungry.

And I just have no idea how this even starts to happen.

Unfortunately, this page is falling victim to people posting whatever they please as opposed to just animals stuck in odd places but don’t seem to mind, so you have to sift through to find the gems. Luckily there are still thousands of people committed to finding these amazing photos of all types of animals getting themselves into odd situations. The above photos are proof of that, and those are only the dogs! If you have your own images of your pet or other animals stuck in odd places, let us know, or post them to this page!

Alessia xx


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