Are Poinsettia Plants Poisonous to Dogs

by Reena Bakir
Poinsettia Plants

With Christmas almost here, many of our homes will be decorated with these beautiful festive Poinsettia Plants to celebrate the holidays. However, these lovely household decorations might be dangerous plants to our pets! It’s important to know which winter holiday plants are dangerous or toxic to our pets!

There are certain types of decorative plants that can be extremely toxic and dangerous if ingested by a curious pet, and the degrees of its affects vary from mild digestive irritation to critical health problems, even at times leading to fatality. Learn more about the Poinsettia Plants, and what other decorative plants to watch out for!

What Are Poinsettia Plants?

poinsettia plants

Poinsettias are a popular holiday plant often used as decoration for Christmas. Contrary to popular belief, these plants are only mildly toxic to cats and dogs, but caution should still be practiced when dealing with them and putting them in and around your house!

Why are they dangerous?

poinsettia plants

Poinsettia plants contain a milky sap which contains chemicals called diterpenoid euphorbal esters and saponin-like detergents. If pets come into contact with the sap by ingesting it, they are likely to show mild signs of irritation and poisoning, which include:-

  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea (in rare cases)
  • Eye irritation if it comes into contact

While the level of toxicity is usually mild, the effects can vary depending on the size of your dog and the amount of plants ingested. Small puppies are more prone to experiencing more dangerous effects than older dogs due to their immune systems being weaker.

Moreover, if your Poinsettia plant was sprayed with pesticide, it may have more intense side effects to your pet, which can include seizures, comes and even death at times. Therefore, it is generally advised to keep the plant away from your pet’s reach.

What plants to watch out for?

There are other holiday plants which can also be toxic to pets, and which may have much greater effects than the Poinsettia Plant. They are:

  • Holly Plants: The plant, as well as its berries, have a very high toxicity level and can cause adverse side effects if ingested by your pet. It is recommended to keep them hanging somewhere safe, or even opting not to decorate with them at all.
  • Mistletoe: This plant contains an array of substances that are poisonous to household pets, and can cause seizures, severe drops in blood pressure and even death.
  • Lilies: A famous gift choice, eating even a small amount of this plant can cause extreme gastrointestinal issues in pets, and can also be fatal.

With the holiday season just around the corner, taking caution with what we choose to decorate our homes with is vital to ensure that the entire family enjoys the festivities without anyone getting hurt!

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