Ask Dog Lady

by Alessia

I stumbled upon a website called Ask Dog Lady (similar to the Dear Abby columns) on which people leave questions, comments, concerns, ideas, and opinions for the Dog Lady to respond to. Her philosophy is that “all dogs are perfect; people need help”, which I think most of us here at Chelsea Dogs can agree with for the most part. A particular Ask Dog Lady that got my attention was one about purebreds versus mutts. The woman writing in claimed to be bored with purebreds and their typically “snobby” owners for a variety of reasons. When there are homeless dogs and shelter dogs looking to be adopted, the writer asks why people would continue to breed dogs when mutts are so adorable and entertaining.


Though I do find that I agree in the slightest bit with this writer, only because I have only ever owned mutts and I think they’re exciting and adorable, I have little to no qualms with most purebred dogs. But Dog Lady said it right: “A dog is a dog and is always happy to be around another dog — the mangiest mutt or the most pampered Papillon.” Dogs are judgment free, carefree, and when it comes to play mates, pretty opinion free. Dogs are breed-blind in the way that humans should strive to be; they just want to play and be loved, and isn’t that really what everyone at their core desires? We could learn a thing or two from dogs, the least snobby creatures on the planet who love unconditionally no matter who they are faced with.

Alessia xx

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