Our Author Lucas Tries Sniffy’s Gluten Free Dog Treats

by Alessia

Lucas, one of our authors here on the Chelsea Dogs Blog, as well as my household domestic animal, has a few things to say via snapshots about Sniffy’s gluten free dog treats. This morning, after being a very good boy while everyone was getting ready for work (read: he was as annoying as he normally is but didn’t steal any shoes or tissues out of the garbage), I decided to break out one of the boxes that we received so that he could taste test.


We went with the apple and ginger flavor first because Lucas loves stealing apples from me when I slice them up, so I figured he’d love these. I was right! He was a little hesitant at first, I think because these are so different from any treat he’s ever eaten before, but once he took a bite he was back at the box begging for more. (And he may have succeeded once. Okay, twice).


These treats smell delicious, unlike those beefy strip type of things or the crumby, crunchy bones that sound like they’re breaking your dog’s teeth. To read more about these delicious treats that are great for your dogs, read our first post about them here.


Alessia xx

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