Awesome Pirate Kitty

by Alessia

Ok, so here at Chelsea Dogs we are obviously pretty biased – dogs rule, cats drool, the whole thing. Well, though we are biased, there is no denying when animals of other kinds, yes, even cats, are adorable, funny, or newsworthy. Meet Sir Stuffington – who is all of the above – an adorable little cat with one eye who is dealing with the hand he was dealt with a little help from his human parents, and two siblings who protect him. He is a fluffy little pirate who doesn’t care what you think about him because he has an awesome life and he’s rockin’ it. I saw this post with his story and audibly “aww-ed” for the duration of the post. Click over here to see the full story.

sir stuffington2

I can’t. I just can’t.

Alessia xx

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