Barking beautiful bow tie dog collars

by Bronwyn Hall

It is advised that your dog wears a collar at all times (even if their breed type means you walk them on a harness), along with a tag to ensure that they find their way back to you in the unfortunate event of them going missing.

However, nobody said that the collar had to be ordinary now did they?! At Chelsea Dogs we have an array of luxury collars that are sure to compliment the neck of any canine companion. My particular favourites are the bow tie dog collars; here are my top five for your perusal.

1. Dougal McHandsome

Dougal McHandsome

Handmade in England by Scrufts, this Scottish inspired collar is in an elegant navy velvet and topped with a gorgeous tartan bow tie. It also comes with an adorable red heart tag secured to the metal dee ring. It comes in sizes small-large and can be adjusted on the side for the perfect!

2. Dickie Valentine

dickie valentine

Valentines Day may be long gone but this collar is a classic! Shower your pooch in love with this red gingham design adorned with little white love hearts. With a cherry wood heart shaped tag and a gift wrapping option available, it means that this gorgeous number makes the perfect gift.

3. Fishermans Friend

fishermans friend

With family on the coast in Wales and also in Guernsey, I can’t deny that I love a bit of nautical! This fresh and light design is ideal for a seaside holiday with your pooch! Handmade in England and adorned with anchors, boats, lighthouses and a ships wheel, your dog can’t help but take the helm in this gorgeous collar!

4. Bowlicious Leather Mini Bow Tie


What’s better than one bow? Multiple bows! This gorgeous leather collar from Tallulah Couture is available in a range of different colours. You can match your collar and bows or have different ones – better yet, just choose ‘surprise me’ for a gorgeous collar surprise!

5. Metallic Leather

metallic leather

Tallulah Couture is also responsible for this outrageously cute leather collar. With gold or silver metallic spots and a range of collar collars, this is sure to suit any dog! The hard-wearing leather means that it is not only gorgeous but robust enough for even the toughest canine companion.

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