Battle Of The Bed: Dog vs. Cat

by Alessia

Welcome to the Battle of the Bed: Dog vs. Cat edition. In these two short videos, you will see the ultimate war between cats and dogs taken to the family beds, where mere pets are crowned victors.

First up, we have a toe to toe battle of the bed between German Shepherd, Ava and house cat, Chester. Ding ding ding!

For us, the clear victor was Ava despite her obvious confusion as Chester fled the scene. Well done, Ava. Dogs rule!

In this second match-up we have Steve the dog and Fonzie aka Lennox Lewis the cat fighting for the big bed. Ding ding ding!

While Fonzie did get some good hits in there, Steve’s full percentage of time during the fight was spent on the bed, making him the clear champion in our eyes (but unfortunately the party with the weaker jab).

I see no reason not to give the ultimate title of the battle of the bed to the dogs! Congratulations pooches, for winning yet another competition with you close domestic pal the cat.

Until next time, folks.

Alessia xx

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