Beagles 101

by Alessia

My dog Lucas is part beagle (we think the biggest chunk of his breed mixes) and there are some quirky little things that he does, so I decided to do some research to see if it’s the beagle in him that makes him do certain things. This video highlights the main parts of a beagle’s health, personality, and needs. The reason why he is constantly begging to go outside, is because beagles have a ton more scent recptors than other breeds of dogs, and catch scents very easily that make them go nuts. Another anomly about Lucas that has been solved is why even a few days after a bath, he seems to stink. Beagles need to be bathed more often, which is weird, but we’ll roll with it. Learn more about beagles through this informative video, and give you beagle a break for being so loud and crazy – they can’t help it, it’s in their breed!

Alessia xx

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