Beautiful Sentimental Dog Urns

by Reena Bakir

Find the perfect place for your beloved pet to rest after they depart with these beautifully sentimental dog urns. Dog urns act as the ideal memorial to always remember your pet, and provide the perfect reflection and reminder of the life you shared together.

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we can help you celebrate the life of your pet with these unique and sentimental dog urns found at our store here.From personalized to luxury and antique, we have a wide selection of dog urns to fit in any home environment and make any dog owner satisfied.

Classic Round Personalized Dog Urn

personalized dog urns

This lovely hand-painted urn makes for a great resting place for your pet’s ashes. Since it can be entirely customized to your needs, you can make your pet’s urn all the more special and unique with many of the available features that can be added and altered for your urn, such as different designs, phrases and adornments. To complete this sentimental package, a personalized photo frame can be added.

Hexagonal Personalized Dog Urns

dog urnsWith its unique form and design, this hexagonal dog urn can be personalized to your taste. With a range of designs and decorations to choose from, you can add your pet’s name, their years of life as well as a heart-warming message to always remember them by. The urn is large enough to carry the ashes of up to a 30kg dog.

Cremation Ashes Dog Urn Angel Wings Antique Silver

dog urns silverThis antique silver urn is made from solid durable aluminum which has been hand casted, hand designed by skilled artists and finished in antique silver for a luxurious and complete look. A bottom opening allows for easy and secure placing of your pet’s ashes.

Sagger Pet Tail 5 Raku Cremation Ashes Urn

pet urnsThis one of a kind dog urn with a beautiful design and smooth matte finish is the ideal resting place for your dog’s ashes. Each of the urns undergoes a special manufacturing process which adds to their value and individuality, where the bare clay is coated with iron and carefully wrapped in organic materials before it is packed into a chamber and fired to 1100 degrees, leaving the unique flame marks and vapor flashes on each urn. Due to its uniqueness and originality, each urn is a perfect tribute to the life of your dog.

Paws Earth White Cremation Ashes Pet Urn

dog urnsMade from bio-organic materials, this Bio Urn offers an environmentally friendly option for dog owners to choose from. With the option to be buried, this urn will begin decomposition as soon as it is lowered into the earth, and will fully decompose after 1-3 months depending on soil composition and quality. If placed in water, the urn will biodegrade after 3 days. If put in the house, the urn will not decompose or biodegrade but will retain shape and form.

There’s More

Looking for more sentimental memorial urns to remember your pets after they pass? Make sure to check out our store here and browse the collection provided to find the perfect urn for you.

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