The benefits of memory foam dog beds for hip dysplasia

by Chelsea Dogs
memory foam dog beds

Hip dysplasia is very common in old aged or large dogs because with time their joints and bones become weak. Hip dysplasia is basically genetic in various breeds of large dogs and after a few years, every large dog suffers from this problem if it is not provided with proper padding and bedding to rest. There are lots of dog beds manufacturing brands available in the market selling different type of products with different taglines but in this article we are going to focus on some core benefits of using memory foam beds for hip dysplasia for your giant.

Memory foam is the only bed manufacturing material which has been ranked higher in all researches done over this hip dysplasia topic. The reason behind its popularity in manufacturing of dogs beds is that it deliver maximum pain relief and comfort level to dogs. Chelsea Dogs has a great selection of memory foam and orthopaedic dog beds. Let’s have a look at some benefits of memory foam beds.

memory foam dog beds

Extra joint support for large/aged dogs:

One best thing about memory foam dog beds is that it is made with high quality materials which contour according to the body of dogs. It’s soft and comfortable surface deliver maximum joints and muscle support to the dogs by eliminating the pressure points.

Relief from hip dysplasia pain:

Memory foam dog beds are made up of breathable open cell technology which has ability to bend according to the weight and size of dogs. No matter how large your giant is, memory foam will easily provide space to it to rest its joints without feeling any pressure upon its hip joints and muscles. The difference is clear, when joints will be in relief, no more dysplasia pain will hurt sleep of your beloved dog.

memory foam dog beds

No more stiff or sore mornings for your dog:

Memory foam dog beds are made in a way that they have potential to play with blood level of your pet. Whenever your pet rests over a memory foam bed, it naturally makes the blood flow regular in dog’s body. As a result, blood keeps on oiling the target joints and muscles throughout your buddy’s sleep so that it may not feel any rough feeling into its joints throughout its sleep.

memory foam dog bed leather

Elimination of tossing and turning:

Studies have shown that uncomfortable bedding often helps in building painful pressure points for both humans and dogs and that that is why they toss and turn again and again to find a comfortable place to rest. Dog bedding products such as paddybeds dog beds are made of premium quality memory foam which is flexible enough to mold and contour according to the body and weight of your pet.

A comfortable temperature in all seasons:

Memory foam beds are perfect for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia because they are made up of breathable open cell foam. Joints and muscles of suffering dogs require heat in winters and cooling in summers. Memory foam dog beds make perfect use of their open cell technology to provide your lovely pet with a proper temperature in all seasons. They naturally turn cool in summers and change their temperature to warm in winters so that your pet may find it a best place to rest after a long day of jumping and exercising.

memory foam dog beds

These were a few of many benefits of memory foam beds for dogs that are suffering from hip dysplasia. Doctors and dog health experts are also recommending memory foam dog beds for the ill dogs.

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