Best Christmas Present For Dogs Ever!

by Lucas

Ok folks, I know that it’s still July, but I’m going to talk about Christmas for a minute because 1) who doesn’t love Christmas, and 2) this video pertains to Christmas, and the present that I would like to receive this coming December. Last year was my first Christmas, and I got a lot of nice bones and new toys to play with, but what I really wanted was my own pair of Nike running shoes, because my human sister won’t let me keep hers to chew on. I was a little disappointed  so this year I need to make sure that I let everyone know very early on what I’m looking for in a gift this year. And to give you a visual, I’ll show you this video I found. This pup got 210 empty bottles as his Christmas gift, and he looks like he had an absolute ball with them. I’ll admit, I had the volume in my headphones up a little too high and did get a bit startled by the initial sound that the crash made, but after that I was just all kinds of jealous. So humans, start saving those bottles for me…now.


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