Best Dog Beds for Summer 2019

by Reena Bakir
dog beds for summer

The temperatures are rising, and who doesn’t love to lounge around a little on those hot summer days? Let your pet cool off the scorching heat in these luxury dog beds for summer, made from the finest materials and catered for comfort!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of dog beds, blankets, throws and mattresses especially designed to give your dog a chill and relaxed sleep no matter how high the temperature!

Here’s a few of our top picks!

Scruffs Casablanca Eco Dog Mattress

Scruffs Casablanca Eco Dog Mattress best dog beds for summer 2019

In a lovely freshwater blue featuring a luxury Mediterranean print, this Casablanca eco dog bed is summer all around! The bed is upholstered in a breathable poly-cotton fabric which offers a soft and airy cushioned mattress to lounge on. The dog mattress has an integral fill, secured to the outer cover for improved durability during use and washing.

The Lounging Hound Pure Merino Wool Throw

dog beds for summer pure merino wool throw

The best blanket to lounge around on a hot summer afternoon! This Pure Merino Lambswool Throw in Dawn comes with a stylish double square geometric design in soft blues, beige and cream, making it ideal for a modern interior living space. The wool’s natural properties keeps it cool and refreshing in summer. The fabric is also inherently stain and odor resistant, as well as hypoallergenic!

The throw comes in a range of other fabulous colours that’ll brighten up any home, and can be found here!

Scruffs Insect Shield Dog Mattress

dog beds for summer insect shield dog mattress

This luxury Scruffs Insect Shield® bed protects your dogs from any pesky bugs that come out during the summer! With its built-in active ingredient Permathrin, which is both odorless and colorless, the bed acts as a perfect insect-repellent. Upholstered with 100% recycled hollow-fibre, the bed provides great cushioning characteristics and enhanced durability. Also constructed from lightweight fabrics, including a soft, low-pile cover on top of the mattress, this bed is ideal for keeping cool in warm weather. The removable outer cover can be washed separately for ensured cleanliness at all times!

Grey and Pink Tartan Waterproof Rollup Travel Dog Bed by Hem and Boo

Grey and Pink Tartan Waterproof Rollup Travel Dog Bed for the summer by Hem and Boo

What’s a better dog bed for the summer than one you can carry around to sunny parks and fun family outings? This stunning grey and pink tartan design roll up dog bed is ideal to take with you on trips! It further features a waterproof outer to protect against any water, dirt or mud! Easy to roll up and fasten, the bed is perfect for moving around. Your pet will always have a soft place to nap wherever you go!

Luxury Kubu Rattan Oval Dog Basket House of Paws

Luxury Kubu Rattan Oval Dog Basket House of Paws dog beds for summer

This stylish and modern Luxury Rattan Kubu dog bed is made of hand woven palm rattan, for a study and durable overall form. It comes with a water resistant inner cushion, which is ideal for your dog to cool off after running around the sprinklers or getting their paws a little wet in a pond! Moreover, the basket is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth for quick cleaning. The internal cushion can be machine washed.

Dog Cooling Bed

cooling dog beds for summer

Many pets are at risk of suffering from the heat during summer, and this dog bed is here to save the day! It features a foam base for enhanced support and comfort, as well as a breathable 3D mesh for improved air flow. The Self-cooling Mat is filled with a non-toxic gel, which is 5-10 degree cooler than room temperature. It usually maintains cooling properties for 1hr depending on the surrounding environment, and only requires to be left for 1hr to recool. Designed for relief, the walls also provide great cushioning and durability characteristics.

There’s More!

These luxury beds are only a few top choices of our wide range of dog beds for the summer, so make sure you don’t miss out on our entire collection of luxury beds available at our store!

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