Best Dog Tracking Devices

by Reena Bakir
dog tracking devices

All pet owners dread the panic of their pet wandering off or getting lost, and that’s why these great dog tracking devices are just what owners need to make sure their pets are safe and sound! With the great technological advances of the 21st century, keeping track of your pets and ensuring their well being has never been easier!

The industry for dog tracking devices has grown exceptionally, with many different brands and products created especially to keep an eye on your pet. But what are the best dog tracking devices, and what features are the most important? Read on to find out!

Pod Trackers

dog tracking devices

The Pod 3

Price: £119 + Subscription Plan

The Pod 3 by Pod Trackers is among the pioneers in pet tracking! Not only does this product track the GPS location of your pet, but it also offers real-time monitoring of their activity and health- allowing you to make sure your pet is doing well even when you’re away!


  • GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth: With the press of a button, you can instantly connect to your dog’s stats and information no matter where you are.
  • Location History: The application will show you 24 hours of your pet’s location history, ideal in situations where your pet wanders off!
  • Zone Alerts: You can create zone alerts which notify you if your pet has left their designated ‘safe zones’!
  • Real Time Tracking:  You can access the application at any time to view your pet’s whereabouts, both in indoor and outdoor environments. You also have an unlimited range of tracking in 174 countries!
  • Monitor Fitness and Movement: The POD can monitor your pet’s activity stats, showing you whether your dog’s are getting the right amount of exercise each day.  It also detects any unusual or sudden movements by your pet which may signify danger.
  • Record Routes: You can record the routes your pet takes through parks, the neighborhood or even your backyard!
  • Water-proof



Image result for whistle gps

Whistle 3

The Whistle 3 is among the most popular dog tracking devices, due to its easy use, high competency and accurate tracking! Monitor your dog’s location while keeping an eye on their health and overall activity.

Price: £78.03 + Subscription Plan


  • GPS, Wifi and Cellular Tracking: Ensures you can always be connected to your dog’s whereabouts.
  • Live Tracking: Shows your dog’s location in real-time
  • Location Alerts: Get notified by email and app when your dog leaves their designated safe zones
  • Location History: Shows your dog’s whereabouts throughout the day for more secure monitoring!
  • Small and Lightweight: Unlike other trackers which come as a complete collar, this small device can be attached to any pre-existing dog collar
  • Monitor activity and exercise: Makes sure your dog is getting enough rest and exercise. Updates you on stats depending on your dogs age, breed and other information.
  • Waterproof and Shock Proof


best dog tracking devicesThe Nuzzle Collar

Price: £117

Nuzzle is here to ease every pet owner’s mind from worrying about a lost or sick pet! This high quality device ensures the safety and well-being of all pets by allowing you to always stay in touch with them and offering stats regarding their health.


  • Uses GPS and Cell Chip As long as you have your Cellular on and working, you’ll be able to use the app and track your dog.
  • No Monthly Fees: Unlike other tracking devices which require a monthly membership, Nuzzle is a one-time buy product!
  • Real Time Tracking: No matter where you are, this product offers real-time tracking of your pet’s whereabouts.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Monitors your pet’s body temperatures and notifies you of any unnatural changes.
  • Activity Monitor: To ensure that your dog is at a stable activity level throughout the day!
  • LED Light: Great for taking your pet on a nightly walk, the Nuzzle collar’s LED light makes sure your pet is always seen!
  • Waterproof and lightweight: Can withstanding any rain showers and does not bother your pet with heaviness!
  • Comes with Charger and Base Station

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