Best Friends: An Elephant And A Black Labrador

by Chelsea Dogs

This video shows one of the most unlikely friendships ever – an elephant and a Black Labrador. We can’t stop watching this video, in fact we’ve probably watched it over 10 times today!

Bubbles, a rescued orphan elephant, and Bella the Labrador are the best of friends in this video as they play in a pool.

elephant and dog best friends

The adorable duo splash in the water, with Bella sliding down Bubbles’ trunk at one point.

“They just love to romp around together,” said Bhagavan Antle, director of the wildlife park in California where the animals live.

Bubbles is part of a wild life conservation effort called The Rare Species Fund in Southern California.

Antle came across the friendly giant as a baby when she weighed 340lbs and was 42in tall.

She was shipped over to the US after her parents were killed for their tusks, and Antle described her as  “small and helpless for an elephant”.

Antle said meeting Bubbles was “love at first sight”.

Now 30 years old and over 9ft, Bubbles weighs approximately four tons.

She has even found fame on the big screen, starring in Ace Ventura II and a Janet Jackson music video.

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