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Greyhounds are a gentle and intelligent breed of dog with a combination of long, powerful legs, deep chest, flexible spine and slim build making them a unique shape that normal dog coats simply don’t cater for. We have a range of greyhound coats designed specifically for the breed. From lightweight greyhound coats to full tweed winter greyhound coats, we have a fabulous selection of coats for greyhounds that is sure to please.

With their short hair and slim build, greyhounds can feel the cold much more than other breeds of dog so it is always advisable to have a coat for your greyhound at hand. If the weather is warm but wet, our lightweight greyhound coats are perfect. Some are lined in a beautiful Sight Hound print cotton fabric.

Our best-selling coats for greyhounds, these tweed greyhound coats are simply stunning. Lined in soft sherpa fleece and waterproof, these coats will keep your greyhound warm and dry.

Country and Twee Green Tweed Greyhound Coats

Country and Twee Tweed Greyhound Coats
green tweed coats for greyhoundsThis stunning coat is also available in a green tweed with subtle pink and purple stripes here.

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