Best Pink Dog Beds

by Chelsea Dogs
The Lounging Hound Cerise Dog Bed

Choosing the right dog bed is not always an easy decision. One of the key factors in choosing a new bed for your dog is choosing the best colour. At Chelsea Dogs, we have a great range of luxury dog beds and  it hasn’t gone un-noticed that some colour dog beds are more popular than others. Pink dog beds are definitely some of our best-sellers alongside red dog beds and black dog beds. We thought it would be useful to share our best pink dog beds for those of you who know pink is your dog’s colour! For more information or to buy any of the dog beds we mention below, simply click on the pictures.

Personalised Blush Pink Velvet Donut Dog Bed

Blush pink velvet dog bed

Bowl and Bone Loft Dog Bed in Coral

Bowl and Bone Loft Coral Dog Bed

Ellen Pink Donut Dog Bed

Ellen Pink Dog Bed

The Lounging Hound Classic Twist Cerise Dog Bed

The Lounging Hound Cerise Dog Bed

Union Jack Doza Pink Dog Bed by Creature Clothes

Union Jack Doza Pink Dog Bed by Creature ClothesWe have many more pink dog beds available to buy online at Chelsea Dogs. To have a look at our complete range of dog beds, please click here.

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