Best Puppy Collars and Leads 2015

by Chelsea Dogs

Bringing a new puppy in your home to start a great life is such an exciting and beautiful time. Like many new dog owners, you may bring your puppy home from as young an age as 8 weeks old. By this stage your puppy should have had its first set of vaccinations but will not be allowed out for walks in public until after the second set of vaccinations. This can be a 4-6 week period and many owners don’t think about getting their first puppy collar and lead until they can go outside. We strongly recommend you buy a puppy collar and lead before you even pick your puppy up so you have one to put on him/her from day one.

best puppy collars and leads 2015

It is essential to get your puppy used to wearing a collar as soon as possible and understanding the concept of a lead! Simply wearing a puppy collar around the house is the perfect way to get your puppy comfortable with these new feelings.

When shopping for a puppy collar and lead you should look out for a few things. Firstly, make sure they are adjustable! Puppies grow like weeds so you want to find a collar that can adjust a fair amount to give you a good 4-6 months of use before needing to buy a big dog collar! Next, you should decide whether a fabric or a leather collar and lead is more suitable for you and your puppy. Finally, you need to bare in mind that puppies will be puppies and it is highly likely that the collar and lead will see a lot of wear and tear and maybe some chew marks too so think carefully about how much you want to spend on a collar that might not last very long if left unattended!

We’ve put together some of our favourite puppy collars and leads for 2015 all of which can be purchased online at our shop

To find out more about any of our puppy collars and leads simply click on the pictures below or click here to see all our puppy collars and leads sets

1. Hearts And Kisses Designer Puppy Collar and Lead Set £20

Hearts And Kisses Designer Puppy Collars and Leads Sets


2. Minnie Designer Puppy Collar and Lead Sets £20

Minnie Designer Puppy Collar and Lead Sets


3. Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Dog Collar and Lead Sets from £60

Available in 6 beautiful colours and 3 classic colours (black, brown and tan), these puppy collars and leads are tough enough to withstand most puppy antics and they come in big dog sizes too for when your little munchkin grows up!

Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Dog Collar and Lead Sets DH-Rolled-Leather-Dog-Collar-and-Lead-Set-Blue d_h_rolled_leather_dog_collar_and_lead_set_pink_3


4. Owls Designer Puppy Collar and Lead Sets £20

These lovely sets come in pink and green, perfect for boys and girls!

cute_owls_puppy_collar_and_lead_set green_owls_puppy_collar_and_lead_set


5. Mini Astaire Bow Tie Puppy Collar and Lead Set £22.50

This is one of our best selling sets and it comes in bog dog size too!

mini_astaire_puppy_bow_tie_collar_and_lead_set_2 mini_astaire_puppy_bow_tie_collar_and_lead_set


6. Picnic Check Designer Puppy Collar and Lead Sets £20

For a simple classic yet chic puppy set, this one is for you. Choose between black, brown or red.


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