Best Puppy Teething Toys

by Reena Bakir

As your puppy begins to grow up into an adult dog, their milk teeth will begin to fall out in order to be replaced with adult teeth. Puppy teething toys are essential in helping your dog through this phase, as it saves you the trouble of a biting pup and makes it easier for them to replace teeth!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of puppy teething toys in a range of forms and materials, giving your pup everything they need to chew on!

Stagbar 100% Natural Antler Dog Chew Toy

puppy teething toys

Ideal for small to medium breeds, this Stagbar chew toy. A Stagbar lasts longer than any other chew toys, as it slowly wears down with the grinding of a dog’s teeth and saliva into tasty morsels. Over time and with more and more chewing, the outside will be removed and a dry marrow will be exposed as a lovely treat! Moreover, these treats also clean your dog’s teeth and are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Stagbars also leave no mess and have little odor unlike other chew toys, so you never have to worry about your dog messing up your furniture!

Kong Shells Bear Dog Toy

puppy teething toys kong shells bear

This unique Kong Shells bear features a range of different textures and shapes along with a squeaker tucked inside to keep all dogs entertained! The toy has a ballistic fabric body cover which is wrapped around a durable rubber body with flexible spikes, which encourages play and keeps your dog interested in chewing! The spikes help your teething puppy and also cleans their gums and teeth! Its head and legs are filled with soft plush stuffing.

Sammy Seahorse Plush Puppy Teething Dog Toy

puppy teething toy dog

This adorable seahorse dog toy comes with multiple textures – perfect for your teething puppy to munch on! This plush toy comes with a teether trim as well as a squeaker inside, providing hours of endless fun. This fun toy is also ideal for adult dogs, and will be the ideal life-time gift for your pup as they grow!

Tuff Tyre with Rope Tug Toy

tuff tyre puppy teething dog toy

This fun tyre on rope thread toy is ideal for throw and retrieve dog play. Due to the tough rubber texture and tug rope, it is great for teething pups and helps with natural flossing to always keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. The toy is great for aggressive tuggers and chewers – especially big breed dogs.

Stella Starfish Plush Puppy Teething Dog Toy

puppy teething dog toy

Stella Starfish is guaranteed to make playtime special! This happy teething toy will provide multi-texture enjoyment to fulfill your canine’s chewing desires. The soft plush toy also comes with a squeaker inside to keep your dog excited!

There’s More

Make sure you check out our full range of puppy toys available at our store, and give your teething puppy a gift they’ll surely fall in love with!

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