Best Raw Food Diets For Dogs

by Reena Bakir
raw diet for dogs

Quickly gaining popularity among dog owners, raw food diets for dogs are a new alternative that substitutes processed food, usually boxed or canned, with raw alternatives consisting of bones, raw meat, vegetables as well as supplements. While raw food diets aren’t for every dog, and precautions must be taken to ensure that your dog’s diet is balanced and safe, these diets are considered to be the healthier alternative to elevate your dog’s overall well being!

If you are interested in venturing into the world of raw food diets for dogs, it is essential to know the best options that will keep your dogs healthy, safe and satisfied!

Keeping the balance right

It’s important to remember that feeding your dog raw diet is a lot of work and needs consistent dedication. It’s important to balance the diets right in order to achieve the full effect of their benefits and ensure that your dog remains healthy. Try to stick to a regular ratio of 75%-90% meat/bones, and 5% and 25% vegetables. If you are looking for specific recipes and products to help you kick-start your transition into raw dog food as consistent diet, here’s a recipe list of the best raw foods currently on the market!

4. Primal Canine Duck Formula

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This freeze-dried raw food formula which features an abundance of meats and meat-based organs within its recipe. The product is considered to be above-average due to its health benefits due to its richness in proteins and vitamins. With the main ingredients of this frozen raw food products containing duck, including duck necks, wings, gizzards, hearts and livers, the product is considered to be a source of amino acids as well as natural occuring calcium found in the bone. Other ingredients include Kale, which is rich in vitamins, calcium and beta-carotene, all of which elevate your dogs overall health. This raw food recipe also includes organic broccoli, carrots, squash, pumpkin seeds, apples, as well as a variety of other fruits and vegetables, organic oils and Vitamin E supplement. Overall, this product contains 56% fat, 34% protein and 10% fat.

3. BARF Juicy Chicken Recipe

raw food diets for dogsConsidered an above-average raw product, BARF Juicy Chicken Recipe contains a significant amount of meat alongside a combination of protein-boosting ingredients to supply the necessary nutritional intake required by your dog. The main ingredients of this recipe include chicken, finely ground bone, chicken liver, egg, broccoli, celery, spinach, carrot, dehydrated alfalfa meal, ground flax seed, fruits, as well as vitamin supplements. The chicken products and ground bone available in this recipe offer an excellent source of natural calcium as well as essential amino acids necessary to sustain a dog’s life. Chicken is also considered the leanest protein source which is ideal for pets suffering from liver and kidney issues. Overall, the product contains 61% fats, 30% proteins and 9% carbs and is highly recommended.

2. Smack Raw Dehydrated Chunky Chicken

raw food diets for dogs

This Chunky Chicken raw dehydrated dog food is praised for being grain and gluten-free, and can either be fed dry like kibble or with added water. The product helps improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and even raise serotonin levels. With the main ingredients of this raw food being organic chicken and chicken parts, the food is rich with quality proteins, minerals and complex B vitamins as well. Another important ingredient within this mix is millet, which is rich in B-vitamins and fibers as well as a range of other essential minerals. With a range of organic fruits and vegetables, including mango, spinach, celery, carrot, strawberry and others, this product is high in dietary fiber which helps keep your dog healthy and reduces gastrointestinal disorders. The product has 52.5% fats, 35.4% proteins and 12.2% carbs and is considered an above-average product.

1. K-9 Kraving Chicken, Beef and Vegetable Dog Food

This K-9 raw dog food product contains no gluten, grains, chemicals or preservatives. Containing a range of ingredients, this product offers all the protein health benefits provided by chicken and beef formulas. The chicken products within this food add support to your dog’s bone and skeletal structures, while the beef offer support for their muscles, both meats being rich in amino acids. Offering a balance of fat, protein and calories, this diet is made for dogs of all ages and in any stage of life. Unlike kibble alternatives, this product must be thawed and then served to your dog. This food contains 59% fat, 32% protein and 9% carbs. Overall, the product also stands as an above-average dog food product.

Migrating into the world of raw food products?

Before you choose to replace your kibble with meat, make sure you research and learn about the different types of raw food products available on the market and find the one most suitable for your canine!

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