Bowl and Bone Luxury Dog Beds

by Chelsea Dogs

Brand new to the UK market and available to buy online at Chelsea Dogs are the Bowl and Bone Luxury Dog Beds.

A bed is the most important place on earth for your dog. It is the place they relax after a tasty meal, and where they take long naps and watch over the house. Treat your dog to Bowl&Bone Republic’s comfortable and super chic dog bed.

Currently available in three styles plus a foam mat and a dreamy travel dog bed, Bowl and Bone Luxury Dog Beds are sure to meet the most demanding of needs.

First is the Bowl and Bone Classic Dog Bed which is available in brown, grey and pink.

Bowl and Bone Luxury Dog Beds Classic Grey

Bowl and Bone Luxury Dog Beds Classic Brown

Bowl and Bone Luxury Dog Beds Classic Grey

Bowl and Bone Luxury Dog Beds Classic Pink

Next is the chic and stylish Urban Dog Bed available in brown, grey and navy blue.


bowl_and_bone_urban_dog_bed_brown_5 bowl_and_bone_urban_dog_bed_brown_4_2



Next is the Deco range of dog beds, perfect for those who want to add a splash of colour. Available in Amber, Sapphire and Ruby.




bowl_and_bone_deco_sapphire_dog_bed_cushion_4_2 bowl_and_bone_deco_sapphire_dog_bed_cushion_4_2

Next is the Bowl and Bone foam mat. Perfect for chilling outside or for use in the back of the car. Available in Honey, Chocolate and Olive.






Finally, Bowl and Bone have made the ultimate travel dog bed. Wrap your dog up on cold nights in Bowl & Bone Republic’s cosy double-layered sleeping bag Dreamy dog bed.

Perfect for travelling – this dog sleeping bag is made from exquisitely soft materials that are guaranteed to create an oasis of peace for your furry friend. Available in Lily, Nero, Silver and Mint.

Bowl and Bone Dreamy Travel Dog Beds


bowl_and_bone_dreamy_mint_dog_bed_5 bowl_and_bone_dreamy_mint_dog_bed_5


Dreamy-Silver-Dog-Bed_1024x1024 bowl_and_bone_dreamy_silver_dog_bed_5

To browse the complete range of Bowl and Bone Luxury Dog Beds, please click here.

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